Agile Transformation

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Over the past few years, Agile development techniques have entered the IT world. Organizations are now applying Lean Start-up principles to define minimum viable products and learn quickly from customer feedback. From our experience, mature Scrum teams are essential for agile work, but by themselves they cannot guarantee the delivery of added value to the market. It is necessary to work closely with business and stakeholders to ensure that your business requirements reach your delivery teams as well. Leadership is also needed to facilitate transparency and promote a trial-and-error, rapid learning mindset, with Agile portfolio management, to deliver long-term customer value. When delivering new products and services to market quickly, it is a real challenge to comply with the legislation and maintain control without losing the desired agility. Our experience of several years shows us that the Agile approach of Anseris works.

OUR CAPACITIES FOR CHANGE – How can we help you?

Agile Awareness Workshop

Why become an agile organization, and why start experimenting with agile work? In our Agile Awareness workshop, your managers and teams will learn about the potential of Agile work, and the power of short review cycles, to create flow and immediate decision making. This workshop prepares you for the journey to agility.

Assessment of maturity in the field of Agile

How agile are your organization and your teams? Adopting Agile is a journey that will help you continually learn and improve. The Agile Maturity Assessment is an online tool that allows organizations to understand their current practices, decide what the next steps will be, and learn to establish progressive goals in order to become a more sophisticated agile company.

Agile software development

We help you transition to an agile development process with a scalable architecture that enables you to accelerate the delivery of high-quality software. Our Agile software development principles make it easy to organize, reduce delivery delays, align teams and, most importantly, focus on business.

Orientation on Agile

Anseris accompanies in adding value to the business in the Agile transformation process. We teach your teams to self-organize, optimize the way they work and manage the parties involved. Making your Agile transformation effective requires knowing not only what to do, but also how, why, and when to act.

High Performing Teams

The application of Agile principles is not easy. It basically consists of your people collaborating in high-performance teams. Unlocking your potential requires a cultural change: one that

requires commitment from managers and strong leadership. Anseris helps you implement these new behaviors and develop the leadership skills necessary for a successful Agile transformation.

Business Agility

The Agile concept has spread beyond software development. Other business areas are working in an agile way, especially in terms of project management. We help you to create agile business units that shorten project deadlines and improve your response time to changes in the market.

Agile project management

Agile project management is an approach that enables Project Managers to deliver high-quality work. Agile project management is about embracing change, prioritizing what offers the greatest business value, and having real-time information to manage costs, time, and scope. As a result, negative surprises at the end of the project will be reduced, and delivery speed will increase.

Agile Government

Governance consists of aligning projects with the goals of an organization. Defines how initiatives are established, managed and controlled. Agile governance is the application of Lean/Agile values, principles, and practices to the task of governance. We help you to establish an agile governance structure that allows you to mitigate risks and take advantage of new opportunities.

Agile training and certification

Training your people in agile work dynamics is the ideal way to align your organization or project team with Agile concepts and their associated methodologies. Although many people talk about using Agile, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings. Proper training helps to assimilate Agile concepts and clarify the differences between the various methods available and the Agile framework.

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